Thrifting in Paris Part II

This is my second outfit post dedicated to my fabulous finds in Paris.  This dress is what I call Polka Dots meet Heidi.  Something about the off the shoulder dress reminds me of Heidi…. don’t ask.

dress: thrifted; belt: thrifted; shoes: target

Now, while this post is dedicated to thrifting in Paris, I just realized that every item I’m wearing (except my shoes) were thrifted while traveling.

My earrings were found at a yard sale in NY

My watch was found in an antique store in Iran.  And although it doesn’t work, I still love it all the same.

My belt was found in a Goodwill in Virginia
There’s nothing I like more than thrifting and traveling and when you can combine the two, even better!

Thrifting in Paris

Sorry for the unintended hiatus.  Life got a bit hectic and my outfits and meals were a little uninspiring as of late (hello, jeans and scrambled eggs…. not together of course…).  This past week I had two occasions to actually dress up and make a little effort.  On both occasions I wore dresses that I found thrifting in Paris (also known as gay ol’ Paree).  They are so special to me, not only because they are really cute dresses but because they remind me of a wonderful vacation in Paris.

Both dresses were found in vintage stores in the Bastille neighborhood.  It was my final day in Paris and Bastille was the one neighborhood that I hadn’t explored yet.  I wasn’t even intending on thrifting, but then I stumbled upon a series of amazing thrift stores.  Isn’t that always the case?!   I was astonished at the selection and by how reasonably priced the vintage clothing was in this area.  Coming from NY, I expect stores in big cities to jack up prices, but not in Paris (although this was 2 years ago, so things may have changed). Since I stumbled upon the stores, I can’t tell you exactly where they were but check out these yelp recommendations .
This post is dedicated to what I call my 70’s army green newscaster dress.  It’s in perfect condition and I also thrifted the belt at the same store.  You would think they were made for each other.

dress and belt: thrifted; shoes: target

Wait for my next post which will be dedicated to my second dress, which can only be described as Polka Dots meet Heidi…. Oh yes.

Prairie Home Companion

These are my last outfit photos from Florida.  And as I sit here in cold, chilly NY, I really wish I was back there.  More specifically back in that picture, in one of my favorite summer dresses enjoying the beautiful Florida weather on a day that would turn out to be really quite special.  It’s funny how items of clothing can take on a memory of a certain event.  And this dress for me will always carry the memory of this day.

dress: Zara

thrifted bracelet

This bracelet is my “Florida” bracelet.  I bought it for a few bucks at a flea market and I know that whenever I wear it, I’ll be reminded of my time in the sunshine state.

You be the Judge

For those of you who’ve been paying attention, I wrote a post a while back about a dress that could only be described as “the Easter bunny meets Gloria Estefan.”  I found it at a Goodwill for cheap and I knew I had to have it.  It was one of those things that was either terribly amazing or amazingly terrible, either way it was amazing.
I’ve been hemming and hawing for quite some time about what to do with this dress.  I can keep it at as is, and rock it out when I’m feeling particularly bold.  I could cut off the lower half and wear it as a top tucked into pencil skirts and high-waisted pants.  Or, I could designate it to my “costume box” where I will one day wear it for Halloween or a themed party.
So, I need you to be the judge.  What do you think I should do?
Wait for all of its glory.. it gets so much better….

I thought it fitting to have tropical fruits in this picture.  And how crazy is that pineapple?  It’s got a side ponytail.  What?  It’s tropically 80’s like this dress.

Out with the New and in the with the old

As I said in my previous post, I spent New Year’s Eve at a vintage themed party.  I love dressing up, and what better way to celebrate the new year by going back in time.

dress: H&M; tights: Hue; shoes: Andre

My outfit and hair were influenced by one of my favorite decades for fashion, the 1940s.  I love everything about that era, especially the style– the hair, silhouettes, the cut of clothes.  I think we all gravitate towards some era where we think, “Gosh, i would have looked aces back then!”  For instance, with my body and hair I would have looked terrible in the 20s, but the 80s would have been an amazing time for my hair (but 80s fashion would have been a bummer… acid washed jeans, anyone?).  Is there an era that you love?

Sir Thrifts A Lot

Like I’ve said before, I love thrift stores.  I honestly get a rush when I step into one.  You never know what amazing things you’ll find.  It’s like an easter egg hunt for adults, but there’s no chocolate, hence no guilty conscience.

This weekend Adam and I tried to get a head start on our Halloween costume shopping.  I hate having to scramble for something on October 30th.  So, this year I’m trying to be ahead of the game.
We have an amazing costume idea (which will be unveiled post Halloween), so we set forth with a very clear idea of what we wanted.  Now, this is usually a bad thing when thrifting.  In general I think you need to go into a store with an open mind, and just see what happens.  See what the thrift gods bestow upon you.  But, as luck would have it, we ended up finding most everything we needed and then some.  Of course, being the thrifter I am, I ended up purchasing some non-Halloween related items.. how could I resist.

One of the downsides of living in New York City is that thrift/vintage stores can get pretty pricey.  Also, since there are so many people who are into thrifted/vintage items, it’s hard to snag amazing things.  If you live in NY or are visiting, I would recommend checking out, Thrift Store Confidential.  It is a great resource for thrifting and finding thrift stores in NY.  Check out her 30X30, where she goes to and reviews 30 thrift stores in 30 days.  It’s a great tool.

In all we checked out 4 stores:
1.  Goodwill in Downtown Brooklyn:  This is a gem of a place.  Organized really well and not crowded.  The home section is big and awesome.  If it wasn’t the first stop on our journey, I would have purchased an entire dining room set…. seriously.

2. Goodwill in Gramercy:  There are a row of thrift stores all along 23rd street; it’s a great street to check out for optimal thrifting.  This goodwill was small but had a lot of higher end items (due to the area).  I preferred the one in Brooklyn because there was a lot more vintage, but if you’re looking for name brands, this is the place for you.

3. Cauz for Pawz  in Gramercy:  This is a tiny store with really friendly staff.  We didn’t have much time to look at stuff, but I spotted a wedding dress and some really nice houseware stuff.

4. City Opera Thrift Store: This is a store that I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time.  It’s a little bit more pricey, but nothing crazy.  The items there are really good quality, in good condition, and generally you can find some expensive name brands.  It’s organized really well (all by colour).  I left with a beautiful red flowered summer dress.  Can’t wait to wear it….. next year.. sigh.

Happy Thrifting, y’all!